Home of The Plumbobber

This app is a stand-alone tool for people who play The Sims 4
This is NOT CC or a Mod and does NOT go in the Mods folder.

What can it do for you?

  • Randomize Sims or include the “genes” from parents and grandparents.
  • Database for all your Sims including all the Premades.
  • Manage your lists in the database.
  • Make Google Sheets of your lists.
  • Copy Sims from list to list.
  • Holds a complete list of the Premades to copy from.
  • Export your database for safekeeping
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Life of Plums
  • Random Roll Tool
  • And more

An updated version will be available shortly after new and relevant content is released for The Sims 4
Works with Windows 7/8/10


Create Google Sheet

This feature is for people that just like spreadsheets.

You can with one click get your Main List in to a Google Sheet on your desktop. It will be named the same as the list in The Plumbobber. The file can be opened with other programs that can handle .csv, but it is formatted after Google Sheets standard.

Here are some images to visualize the process.

Part of The Plumbobber

The .csv file on the desktop
File open in Google Sheets