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This app is a stand-alone tool for people who play The Sims 4
This is NOT CC or a Mod and does NOT go in the Mods folder.

We would like to send out a genuine thanks to Simmer all around the world for inspiration and ideas. In particular, we would like to thank AnotherPlumbob for his fun and inspiring gameplay tips posted on Twitter some time ago and also, a huge thanks to Ophelia_Nygmos for allowing us to use her Gameplay Wheels as inspiration for our Life of Plums rolls

What can it do for you?

  • Randomize Sims or include the “genes” from parents and grandparents.
  • Database for all your Sims including all the Premades.
  • Manage your lists in the database.
  • Make Google Sheets of your lists.
  • Copy Sims from list to list.
  • Holds a complete list of the Premades to copy from.
  • Export your database for safekeeping
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Life of Plums
  • Random Roll Tool
  • Notes for each Sim
  • And more

An updated version will be available shortly after new and relevant content is released for The Sims 4

Works with Windows 10/11



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The App is made by TPlumbobber and NhimSim.
She Also made this great Challenge for the app.
By playing the challenge, you get to better understand how the app can help you enjoy Sims 4 even more.


Run on MAC with Virtualbox

Getting The Plumbobber to run on a MAC is no easy task. Whether it is at all possible also depends on your system. Here is a small guide with no 100% guarantee that it will work for all MAC users.

What you need : MAC and at lest 20 GB. free space on it, VirtualBox(freeware), Windows 10 ISO file(diff. ways to get) and “The Plumbobber v.3.7.4.msi” file from my site.

Install VirtualBox using this GuideByPics or GuideByText

When you select disk space and it auto selected 50gb space, Just make it around 13 GB, if you don’t intend to use the virtual machine and windows for more than The Plumbobber. Yes, I wrote 20 GB, but it is because the Windows 10 boot ISO file is around 4-7 GB. I would recommend a Windows 10 Home education or a WM VirtualBox Windows 10 ISO. The Guides have links where to get the ISO file for free.

What about Windows key?

You just select that you have no key and make an offline user. After install it will not activate windows but run 30-90 day validation, after that you get a watermark on desktop and a few features will not work. Don’t mind that.

When windows is installed, you need to install Guest feature on the VirtualBox to get files from your macOS into windows.


  1. Open Virtual Box, run Windows 10, log into your account.
  2. From the Virtual Box Menu Bar (not Windows 10 menu) select DEVICES – Insert Guest Additions CD Image…
  3. Prompt appears – CD Drive D: VirtualBox Guest Additions, click on message.
  4. Select Next to run VBoxWindowsAdditions exe.
  5. Allow App to make changes.
  6. Start the Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions wizard, select shared folder in Browse for Folder window.
  7. Select install.

Guide here

After that you download “The Plumbobber v.3.7.4.msi” file into the shared folder and go to VirtualBox Windows 10 and run “The Plumbobber v.3.7.4.msi” and you should be Good To Go 😉

Brain Woodworth Young Adult part 2

The next morning start with Brain discussion
what might have been going on when he was sleeping.
After a nice breakfast, he decides to do a bit of programming.
But end up calling a friend for some gaming on his new console.
The game all afternoon.
Then she needs to get home to her cats
and Brain decides to order some takeout.
He ends up getting a friend.
And they talk about going snowboarding.
This is just what Brain likes. Extreme to the point
where he might get hurt.
And he thought he was erratic……
After many trips to the resort.
He’s finally Pro at snowboarding.
Days later, he thinks it is time to “get out there”
He pays under the table and get into the club,
but she is not impressed.
First date, He is still more into him self.
He chats her up again and get her to go snowboarding,
so he can impress her with his moves.
And it seems to be working!
And it works!!!
And Morgan wants to go out for more fun, it seems.

To be Continued

Brain Woodworth Young Adult

He started his day with going out and dancing naked in the rain.
Got so hungry that he forgot his pants.
After a long day of “working” at his computer.
It was pizza’ No pants night.
I think his pizza was cold 😉
Then you just know it will be a long night.
And it was!

Export Database in The Plumbobber

To always have a backup of your saved data. Use the Export button on the tab Management.  You must always do before installing a new version of The Plumbbober, if you want to have all your saved stuff to continue. The backup file is named “PlumbobberBackUp.db” and will be on the desktop. If you want, you can copy it to a USB stick ect. for save keeping or if you want to reinstall windows or just moved it to a new PC.

Go to Guide Page

Create Google Sheet

This feature is for people that just like spreadsheets.

You can with one click get your Main List in to a Google Sheet on your desktop. It will be named the same as the list in The Plumbobber. The file can be opened with other programs that can handle .csv, but it is formatted after Google Sheets standard.

Here are some images to visualize the process.

Part of The Plumbobber

The .csv file on the desktop
File open in Google Sheets

Go to Guide Page